You Will Select a Decision, № 1: Small Child in Woods (Brendan Patrick Hennessy)

In 1987, an anonymous team of computer scientists from the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic wrote a series of children’s books based on the popular Choose Your Own Adventure series. The books were hastily translated into English and a small number were exported to America, but the CIA, fearing a possible Soviet mind control scheme, confiscated them all before they could be sold.[Author’s description]

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  1. Oh, this is great! And there’s a 2nd one already (with 7 planned so far–if this isn’t completely a joke).

  2. “If you run down the path excitedly, turn to page 30.
    If you stay put, leave the book open at this page.”

    This is really really good.

  3. “You live your life in the traditional style of a Tash-Bashat child, which needs no introduction.”

    Damn, this is so funny now I have to finish it. I may need to talk to a surgeon about expanding my attention span.

  4. (I added a highly recommended tag to this one, liked it quite a lot)

  5. Oh my this is clever…

  6. “It’s been a while since anything and your horse is in the range of thirsty to dead.”

    Book 2 is just as amazing. This series is amazing, I am in love 😯

  7. this is really, really good!!

  8. 100%ed it. Worth every penny. The western one is a lot bigger, but I’m sure it’s just as great.

  9. This is absolutely brilliant! I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed at a game so much.

  10. Great stuff. I like how it uses the Soviet setting to satirize some of the conventions of the original CYOA books.