Inishie Dungeon (Miya Omaru)

Translated: This is an open beta test.[Author’s blog]

[Play online (Flash)]

-When making a new character, click the sword box to choose a sprite.
-When you have a good sprite, click the second option from the bottom-right menu to play.
-Click on people to talk to them.
-Click on the dialog box that pops up, while over stairs, to descend.
-Click on special items that drop to pick them up.


  1. This is such an awesome find. It’s not too too difficult to figure out without knowing Japanese, but I know I’m missing a lot. But, in a tweet, Omaru-san said that he would consider doing an English translation!!

    • Yeah, I noticed that. When that happens, I’ll update this.

      I’d normally put something like this in the Highly Recommended section, but it’s so impenetrable. Still, hopefully enough people play to give him a good reason to anglify it.

      • Yeah, I feel the same way. Understanding the basics is manageable without Japanese, but a translation would really be nice. I feel like the townspeople have some interesting things to say and I’m missing out.

        I really love the gameplay, but I noticed that ranged weapons seem somewhat overpowered; unless I get a really nice melee weapon and a decent shield I’m up the creek.

        Also, I’ve gotten multiple copies of the same weapon that are almost exactly the same, except one has a much lower special ability cooldown time than the other. Does anyone know if this is true or I’m just seeing things that aren’t there?

        There’s just SO MUCH in this game, it’s AWESOME

        • Some of the weapons look the same, but the rollover text has a “+1” or whatever in the flavour text, so, you’re probably not wrong.

          • That’s definitely part of it; after playing more, I also think that whatever class you start as determines how fast certain types of weapons reload.

  2. some other tips for impatient people:
    – you might need to talk to the King first, I have no idea if that does anything
    – dungeon is in the NE corner

    it’s kinda amazing that I have no idea what anyone is saying or anything, but I still kinda know how this world behaves and what to do and how it all works

  3. So, I’m stuck just after the loading screen, I think? I’ve got red text at the top and a line of white text just below that, and I can’t figure out how to progress.

    This game is hard!

  4. fun game, I would play it more if I could read it.

  5. This game is not what I thought it was. I thought this was some zelda style rpg but when you look at replays it’s just intense – like a cross between a shooter and a conga line.

    Has anyone watched any of the replays?

  6. Look for “全てのログ” (right hand panel under the game)

    The logs with a play icon – if you click the play icon then it loads it into the game. Then you just click the left button “リプレー”.

    To list just the logs that have replays click the second icon from the left (looks like a diary with a D on it) from the row of icons above the log panel.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed all kinds of powers in those replays that I have no idea how to get. Beginning to realize this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than I initially thought.

  7. Anybody know how to recruit people? I saved somebody and met up with them at the bar and got a bunch of dialogue boxes that I obviously didn’t understand because now I am without a companion. Tips?

    • When you talk to the bartender, select the 1000 gold purchase option. I found out this is for party slots. Then you can get party members, so far I have the archer and the wizard NPC dudes also in the bar.

      • Oh, awesome, thanks!

        • It turns out you can also create multiple characters at the character select screen and just fill your party with them, which is cool (though there might be an advantage to using tavern people rather than creating your own-I don’t know).

          • If your primary dies and they don’t, you can still select them in the starting menu, and they’ll have the same level, equipment (including anything you’ve given them), and health they had when you died.

  8. Super fun hint: If you go into the basement of the bank and throw objects in there, they will be saved stay there even after your character dies. That way, if you get a super cool item that you can’t use effectively, you can save it for a different character.

  9. I’m not playing the game at the moment but I can read Japanese so i can help translate some parts if someone sends screenshots or something.
    Maybe we can set up a wiki somewhere to help others? Any suggestions?

  10. Maybe something like this annotated video

    A video could be recorded, shared and then I could annotate it.

  11. This game is wonderful. I’d really like to figure out what the different options offered at the bar do, though.

    • Some of them (1000gp, 3000 gp, and 10000gp) unlock party slots so you can have more characters with you. I’m not sure about the other options. For more details, check the other comments above. We’re all sort of blindly stumbling through this game together.

  12. I think I’ve sort of figured it out. The reason why I was so confused is because I was stuck at four party members despite purchasing the 1000 gp option over and over again.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but buying stuff at the bar gives you experience in a stat that is responsible for the number of party members you have. The more expensive the option is, the more experience you get from buying it.

  13. If you feel up to it, you can learn the katakana of Japanese and be well off in this game. All but one of the monster and item names have been in katakana. They use katakana to write foreign language words, like “アックス” = “akkusu” = “axe”. Takes about an hour or so if you keep at it.