Dr. Awesome’s All-Night Vampire Saloon (bc__)

Look I can sit here and document this all to death but how can you experience it? You are Dr. Awesome, and you want to open up a vampire saloon.. GO ON AND DO IT FOR HIM.. You have to take the steps..[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. this comes directly from the strange part of the internet

  2. i feel like i just fell off of a circus train

  3. Thanks for featuring me in your mention random games thing. I should probably make a revision where frame 3 doesn’t kill the music. if it does and you want it back just press backspace twice and = twice.

    And if for some reason you don’t see the last frame and it restarts first equal up to it.. So many bugs, but I thought I’d leave them in as part of the charm, and confusion. Thank you for being a friend.