Rhythm Doctor (Hafiz Azman, Winston Lee)

Rhythm Doctor is a tough ONE-BUTTON rhythm game heavily inspired by Rhythm Heaven! – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash 11.4+)]


  1. played this a while ago. i didn’t know how to feel about the slanty-eyed chinaman character who pops up in i think the third level. well, yeah, i did.

    waaaaaaay too much time spent clicking through text boxes for a game this simple.

    • Yeah, the dialogue is reaaally excessive. However, playing all three characters at the same time was what made me click the Recommended checkbox.

      I kinda found stage 2 charming as well, since the mechanics seemed to really inform the narrative… in a rhythm game (wasn’t expecting it).

      I’m not sure if they’ll ever finish all 7 stages though, sounds like too much to me. Hopefully they either cut the dialogue or pop it instantly or something.

  2. Thanks for the feature Aquin! We’re definitely going to finish this game – there are tons of off-beat ideas we haven’t explored yet to fill another half of the game and a bit 🙂

    • Hey fizzd. In the first song, are they counting in Korean? Love the game and have been spreading it to all my friends. One of them though seems to believe the voices are Korean counting. Can you set the record strait?