Homuran (Shimage)

When the last ball falls to the ground, the pitcher throws a next ball. Shining blocks explode and spread balls. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is hard but surprisingly fun. A great time killer. Beat my score!

    • Man, that’s nuts I got like 800 or something. It’s tough because I have terrible timing. So many balls going nowhere. >.>

  2. This feels really fresh. It took me a while to realize the occasionally explosive results were because of subtly glowing special bricks and not due to especially precise swinging.

  3. I enjoyed this a lot. Took me a while to realise the cursor affects where your shot goes, I thought it was all just timing at first.

  4. This is fun. Please post more Japanese games!

  5. Just realized the 3 game modes are all pretty different. And in Mini Game, you control the pitcher.

    Also, it just hit me that “Homuran” = “Homerun” 😆

  6. i love that the game has something of a sports simulator vibe, with the lack of music and all those different batting sounds, it’s pretty cool

    i got like 4500 points but i can’t seem to beat that giant rectangle level, i never have enough balls!

  7. Great game.

    Love the slow batter ready animation, the thunk of a hit, that weird clatter of hitting it weird (which I got a LOT).