dog of dracula (Team Batsu)


dog of dracula (ドラキュラの犬) is an otaku noir nakige about a groomer stuck in a sauceless city, developed by major depressive auteurs team batsu as part of their class project on marxist theory[Author's description]

[Windows Download]
[Mac Download]

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  1. I think you might have found the ultimate videogame.

  2. oh my god what

  3. great game. note: it was weird seeing my friend robin pop up as a visual gag :oops:

  4. Having trouble with the windows zip, 7zip says Unsupported Compression Method. Anybody else have this problem?

  5. I’m only a few minutes into it, but it’s pretty amazing so far!

  6. the compression error is something with 7zip i guess. if you have winrar use that to open it, otherwise there’s a mirror on the site that i’m told works with 7zip. sorry about that

    ps thanks for featuring my dumb thing. i had to google to figure out where the hits were coming from, what a pleasant surprise!!

  7. I was grinning like an idiot the entire time I was playing this game. Hard to pinpoint what exactly makes it so effortlessly endearing – I mean, there are many things – the slapstick is great, the music’s lovely, the dog is adorable, the whole game is just an energetic whirlwind of visual witticisms and delightful touches. But I think the real goodness comes from how confidently it flirts with the boundary between authenticity and kitsch… every scene is so well-rendered in the language of camp and irony that it makes the moments of cold, stark drama all the more horrific and powerful.

    There is so much meta-commentary here on the magic of video games – the way we surrender ourselves to falsehoods and fragile façades – but none of it is didactic. It’s wry… almost buried in self-referential humor, but nonetheless relentlessly honest. I’d recommend this to anyone. It works on almost every level on which a game can work.

  8. Like Moses, I really dig the way all the different elements work together in the game, it’s rather charming. Shame about all the fat jokes, those kinda spoilt the mood for me.

  9. Karl’s projector has ALL MY JAMS

  10. I… I…
    whatever, this is great.


  12. This is beautiful.

  13. Recorded gameplay of this at youtube with commentary. Check it out if you want to :P

  14. I’m in love.

  15. Oh no, the Windows link’s been killed!

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