Aquin’s Top 10 of 2012


by Bruno R. Marcus


by Michael Brough


by FineSoft

Frog Fractions

by Twinbeard Studios


by Kouri


by Unproductive Fun Time


by Widdershins

Shadow Break

by Bunaguchi

Thirteen Gates

by Ian Snyder

You Have to Win the Game

by J. Kyle Pittman

  1. Encounter! I forgot about Encounter. So good.

  2. Cavenaught is so good!

  3. ‘Cavenaut’i mean

  4. I didn’t know Encounter, this game is awesome.

    Also : Off wasn’t really made in 2012 but in 2003. I think the english translation was made in 2012. But I won’t blame you for that, Off being one of the greates games of all time anyway.

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