Dream of Pixels (Dawn of Play)

a falling blocks puzzle game – in reverse![Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. If ever a game was to teach you to reconsider your first impulse, this is it.

    I really, really like this.

  2. More interesting than it at first appears, but it takes way too long before any real pressure is applied and so I’m not so compelled to play a third time to improve my score. A more difficult mode would be appreciated to cut down on all that early wasted time.

    (That said, this criticism is probably valid for Tetris itself, as well, and that didn’t do so badly — though it did have the falling block field to itself for a while.)

    • Hey,
      I think I can safely claim we fixed this in the final Dream of Pixels game (launching tomorrow).

      We also added a Pro mode that starts at level 9, for just the reason you mention!


  3. I like how the game repurposes Tetris’ “next” box.

    Also, reminds me of increpare’s “Untris”.

    • Amazing, I haven’t found Untris until your mention here, and I searched for reverse Tetris in the past year – had to write Stephen immediately!
      It’s just mind blowing to me – must have been some kind of collective consciousness thing there around June-July 2011 or sth..

      • Curiously, it looks like that may also be roughly when the excellent (link currently broken, possibly just from monthlybandwidth limits?) TETRISweeper was posted, though it seems it didn’t leak over into the English language web until half a year or so later.