Crystal Crashers (Sos Sosowski, Zoe Quinn)

Crystal Crashers is a match-one game. – [Author's description]

[Play online (Flash)]

  1. Woo! Thanks :)
    Just as I took down the SWF :P

    • If you like, I can update it to some more permanent link. That was simply the first one I found.

      Also, kudos. You should seriously try to get this on Facebook just to see how far it goes. :wink:

  2. iOS version coming soon too!

  3. I love all the indie game advertisements: “Vesper 5 – fast paced action!” “Eversion – A soothing experience!”

  4. I never thought I’d see that many “pregame credit pics” (or whatever they may be called) / wait that long for them in an indie game, especially considering the immediacy of McPixel.

  5. Does the money counter go above $999,999,999.99? If not, is it then impossible to buy the King Dorkacorn because you have to pay $75 to get to the Goods screen?

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