Hard Time (MDickie)

That may not be a “long” time, but it will be a HARD time! You’ll be lucky if you survive… – [In game Text]

[Download for Windows]

(This is a guest post by Derek Yu.)


  1. aw man how can you link to Hard Time before The You Testament???

  2. Anyway to install without getting toolbar?

  3. Let’s Play of The You Testament because playing it alone is sometimes less funny than 8am-after-an-allnighter type surreal:


  4. ‘I don’t know if I can bring myself to play another MDickie game.’

    *downloads immediately*

  5. It took a long time, but an MDickie game finally appeared somewhere around here. So that happened.

  6. i was already download the above game on my IPAD Phone.Its a great game, and kids are like it somuch,which shows through, that having already on Cell but , its again downloaded on PERSONAL COMPUTER ALSO. THANKS & PRAYING FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN SOFTWARE’S.