Forrester (Inmate2993)

Forrester is a man in search of his daughter. – [Reviewer's description]

[Download for MegaZeux]

[Download MegaZeux for Windows, Mac, Linux]

  1. Nice to see this one here– it’s one of my favorite games, period.

    • i love it too. i hate that people can get stuck in one of the early puzzles, though. (and most people i’ve shown the game to are first-time megazeuxers who don’t want to know stuff like loading/saving).

      • Yeah, it’s amazing but probably not a good starter.

      • Out of curiosity, which puzzle was that?

        • one involving bullets and reflectors – i remember two people getting stuck near one of the mirrors I think on the bottom-middle of the screen.

          • Oh, you made the game. See if I can remember anything else about that point – I think there was a block getting pushed that people raced in behind, getting totally trapped.

            Have you been working on any other stuff since Forrester? I remember checking up on you some time before and not coming across anything.

  2. @Stephen (couldn’t reply directly)

    I moved into the community of game makers. I’ve personally done small arcade games since, but there is a large body of free games done by talented people there and I know they’d all love to see a few new gamers play their games.

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