Evidence (Wuthrer)

There’s a lot of ennemies, all weird ones. Don’t be afraid, there’s one unique way to escape from each of them. - [Author's description]

[Download for Windows]

  1. Well executed creepy crayon aesthetic.

    Ending spoilers (ROT-13): V qba’g dhvgr trg gur fgbel, ohg V rawblrq gur vzntrel bs gur obff: n qnex cerfrapr orngvat hc naq rzorqqvat vgfrys va n cnve bs grfgvpyrf. Frrzf gb vzcyl gung gur cnegltbref va gur vageb qehaxrayl ubbxrq hc, erfhygvat va na hajnagrq certanapl va juvpu gur puvyq jbhyq unir orra rivqrapr bs gung genhzn?

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