Calmness (Darren Hewer)

Clearly a puzzle-lover’s dream. – [Reviewer’s description]

[Download for MegaZeux]

[Download MegaZeux for Windows, Mac, Linux]


  1. I understand why they’re important from a creative standpoint, but I will never download any ZZT game. I don’t mind telnet interfaces, I’ll download the most primitive of roguelikes. But ZZT, man…zzt…

    • Personally, I love the limitations but yeah there are definitely some serious pitfalls. Stilted controls, random AI, lots of other common problems come to mind.

      Still, it’s an interesting subculture (and I didn’t even get to the ZZT-only stuff this time) and a cool part of gaming history.

      Man, I’ll have to do Door games sometime thinking of telnet interfacing. Maybe next summer or something.

  2. Man I love all these megazeux games you’re putting up. I think I was about 11/12 when I first started making/playing them and this is really taking me back. Calmness was definitely one of my favourites.