Alone in the Light (Chelsea Howe, Hanna Brady, George Karalis, Kim Koskamp, Michael Molinari)

Alone in the Light is dedicated to Kim “NeoGeen” Koskamp, whose commitment, effort and attitude inspired us to see this through to the end.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I played just for the screenshot of a polar bear wearing a silly hat. There was no such hat in the game itself, but it was a nice game nonetheless. The developers did a great job at making the game world seem a lot larger than it really is.

    • I agree. The movement controls felt a bit too floaty to me (even considering it’s all a dream), but the way the world wraps around, and the claustrophobic effect in the depths as it gets darker gave it a nice sense of scale.

      I was also drawn in by polar bear with silly hat.

  2. Alone in the Light was such a beautiful game.

    If interested, I put some thoughts down: