Selectra (lazybraingames)

Play as a alien Amazonian goddess that uses her super natural powers of reproduction to face down her rival god Belemnon.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. Cool game. Lovely colors.

    The boss was pretty nice, but I kept dying by getting closer to his lower half than I should where you can’t really see his sprite because it’s all black.

  2. super cool, really neat systems. I like the aftertouch you can put on the shots a lot. very cool.
    until i got to 999 power i didn’t realise that increased power slowed your charge down. i had to deliberately breed downwards in order to have shots that i could actually use at all. rad.

    • oh oh, i also like that it is juuust long enough that you have to learn how the elements interact properly in order to succeed. if it were shorter you could probably get by without it and if it were longer it’d probably be overlong.

  3. finally a game about me

    this is addicting and looks great