Pixelapse (BNeutral)

Engine is flashpunk with some minor modifications.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Towards the end I realised that if you fuck up you can’t beat the game. I liked this one, awesome idea

  2. I played until the third section, at which point the way movement was being implemented (did it change for the third section?) felt like too much of a hindrance to bother struggling through. Lots of great platformers have a bit of inertia/friction, of course, but I think one thing that remains mostly constant among them is that hitting the opposite arrow direction will have a subtractive effect on the current movement vector. The problem here, I think — and the cause of the similar complaints on the LD and Kongregate pages — is that it appears that hitting the opposite direction bumps your velocity up to maximum speed in the opposite direction, leaving little chance for self-adjustment. I was totally enjoying it until then. I’d love to see a post-competition update.

    • Agreed. When LD comes around, I tend to focus on the good ideas that could be great post-compo, since 48 hours isn’t really enough to polish an innovative experience.

      I hope this one gets fixed.

  3. really cool, I thought the boss at the end was very clever.

  4. Yeah, sorry about the slippery controls guys.
    Sadly I can’t fix them because of competition rules.
    Also I doubt I’ll come back to this idea anytime soon, so if anyone who feels capable, you can just take the idea (and code) if you really liked it and just give me a mention in the credits or something.