Beetlefield : The Forecast (Benjamin)


-> benjamin;10;0;6;1;9;7c940 <-
please tell me if you can beat it :)
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  1. i did, but since i cannot recover the dna, cause i had to copypaste your dna, the awesome team is lost
    name was “tough”

  2. ahhhh this is cool! beetle gladiators…understanding when to change sides…what a fine, polished entry!

  3. blade and queen are really good

  4. Beat it with best 2 out of 3 (lost the first one)
    Lost the DNA, thought.
    Queen; Grenada; Elite; Blade; Slider; Elite

  5. Barthos;5;8;14;11;15;2;f211a

  6. meh;12;10;1;5;4;6;4;0e9f5

  7. Assasin;10;2;4;10;13;5;11;5;1;f6ab8

    Thanks for the game!

  8. I beat it

  9. didnt beat it, but these got pretty far:

  10. new one
    smaller, faster, deadlier, but easily killed.

  11. ndbljg;4;0;4;4;0ead4
    I beat you with Swarm and Dodger*3.
    I had 5 beetles left at the end :mrgreen:

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