Tetris Garden (Michael Todd)

Feels great to release something small. Why do I not do that more often?[Author's Tweet]

Controls are mouse + spacebar. (Hold right click to move the camera, use the wheel to zoom in and out.)

[Play online (Unity)]

  1. Success! That was satisfying :lol:

  2. simple, but I must admit i found it aesthetically pleasing :)

  3. Very pretty, and pretty satisfying when each bit of garden blooms. But in case Michael Todd runs across this post down the road: he should really add the camera-control info to the page, which currently just reads “Controls are Mouse & Spacebar.” (I had fit all the visible pieces into place, not realizing there were more off camera. So while rearranging them to find more compact configurations was relatively fun, it turns out it was a wild goose chase.)

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